Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cara Jimatkan Bil Dan Penggunaan Elektrik

Assalamualaikum readers.

Sejak semalam, cara menjimatkan bil elektrik di rumah hasil perkongsian Liyana Syazwani ini menjadi viral di Facebook. Jadi pembaca yang lain mungkin boleh mencuba kaedah yang digunakan juga untuk menjimatkan bil elektrik rumah anda. Mungkin ramai yang pernah mendengar teknik ini, namun bila disertakan bersama bukti, harap lebih ramai yang mencuba.

Cara Menjimatkan Bil Dan Penggunaan Elektrik Di Rumah

Our electricity bills from June - Dec 2015.

Read caj semasa only.

June - RM205.00
Jul - RM163.41
Aug - RM126.21
Sep - missing *scratching head*
Oct - RM63.64
Nov - RM84.00
Dec - RM39.89

Jun - aug: just to show our normal bills 
Sept: start unplug all unused plugs (while husband was outstation)
Oct: ada reduction. Ok!
Nov: Hubby was home and still havent get use to the new rule. He loves leaving his laptop charging until morning. 😂
Dec: :)

What do we do:
Switch off and unplug unused plug. Everytime.

If u use stand fan, unplug the plug when u want to leave the bedroom. Although u need to use it again after few hours. Haha.

U can use aircond or any other home appliances when needed. The trick is the plug remained at the socket especially extension plug (1 plug with 2-5 plugs?) 

Memang tinggi la bill. 😂 😂

Edited to add, we also use aircond. So unplug it (if ada plug la.. bukan suiz) when not in use. If can minimize the usage lagi baik.

Plug yang tak dicabut: fridge, thermo pot, ubat nyamuk elektrik 

Just sharing our experiment. All the best~ 😉

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